My lovely sister is engaged to a handsome man and they have the best love story ever.  Here are the basics.  Their relationship dates back to junior high. Scott would come over and swim in our pool and steal Oreos.  Next they went to high school dances together.  Then, while they were away at college, Scott would send Kaylie his sweatshirt for her to wear cause they missed each other.  Jump to June 2011- Scott travels many miles to confess his love. And now they are engaged and Sullivan (my sister’s 2 yr. old) is going to have a Dad!  Woop…. As you can see, I’m not too great at telling a story with words and I left out many parts, but that’s why I take pictures, right? :)  Love you Kaylie & Scott. Your Valentine’s Day engagement session was a total blast!!

This engagement session has two parts- and I will be posting part 2 very soon!  So check back. :)