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Jun 22 2012

Tim & Megan – Engaged!

This couple is amazing! … What makes them so amazing you ask? Well, they would not stop giggling during the entire shoot- and it wasn’t because I was being funny!  They were making each other laugh all night long and it was so much fun for me to capture that pure emotion.

It was a perfect night at Wash Park.  Thanks Tim and Megan- can’t wait for your wedding in August!

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Jun 19 2012

Simply amazing.

This is a U.S. Air Force Vet that I had the pleasure to meet at a reception I shot this past weekend in Denver. Not only did he serve for the Air Force, but he flew on the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.  This aircraft still holds the record for the fastest aircraft with air-breathing pilots.  Pretty neat, right!? It is now on display at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum in Virginia and I was just there to see it in person last month. Enjoy the image- I will get the rest of the reception photos on here soon!

Jun 13 2012

Matt & Ally – Engaged!

These two were such a blast!  Up for anything and completely in love. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, can you tell?  The three of us enjoyed a beautiful Friday evening up at Chautauqua Park in Boulder.  The light was perfect, the couple was gorgeous… not much else I could ask for. :)

Matt told me that after he first met Ally, he could not get her off his mind!  “She was stuck in my head like a good song,” he says.  Now c’mon.. it doesn’t get much better than that! So sweet.  I can’t wait until your wedding in August- thanks you two!








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