What a trip!  Roy and I returned from Costa Rica about two weeks ago and we had the best time.  It was an experience that you just want to do over and over again- and we hope to!  We had the opportunity to help build a home for a family down in the Sarapiqui region of Costa Rica.  Roy works for a travel company that does this sort of project about one to two times a year.  We knew we wanted to jump in and do one, especially after hearing from my parents (who went last year and again this year)saying what an unforgettable time they had.

I took a majority of the photos at the home building site which is where we spent most of our time.  The Costa Rican family who was getting the house worked right alongside of us all week- it was so special!  We did a lot of cement-mixing, hammering 2×4’s, laying bricks, putting up stucco and painting.  We stopped frequently for coconut water breaks, accompanied by fresh pineapple and oranges.  Everyday for lunch we went to a local farm and enjoyed the freshest Costa Rican food prepared in an outdoor kitchen.  It was a refreshing week- in every way!

The view from our hotel the first night- overlooking San Jose, Costa Rica.

Andreas (left) received a brand new house by the end of the week.  The two boys on the right are in the family that received a new house last year.  They came over and helped out at the job site- and also chopped some coconuts for us!



Our wonderful chef who prepared delicious meals for us all week.  My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

We went on a tour of the farm and our first stop was at the cocoa trees.  Those little slimy beans eventually turn into cocoa!  Crazy, right?!

Martin, the machete extraordinaire, slicing up some sugar cane.

Aaron was a joy!  He was so pumped for his new home and was a great helper around the worksite.

Meet Louis.  This contractor would jump around on the 2×4’s like he was playing hopscotch.  He was an amazing worker.

Town of Rio Frio.

Isai, one of the boys who received a new home last year.  He dominated me at a little juggling face-off. :)

A home building site provides the perfect environment for a mud fight!

My mom and Aaron on the “Move that bus!” day.

Aaron and I.  We could not get enough of this kid. :)

When we were about 95% completed with the house, we helped the family move their furniture in.

Saray, a 17-year-old, telling everyone where to put the furniture in her new home.

A group of high schoolers from Texas helped us on the last couple of days.

When we were all finished, the family expressed their thanks.

It was such a special couple of hours.  I really struggled with taking my camera down from my face and taking it all in as a ‘normal person’ instead of a photographer.