It has been a very long time since we have posted something on our blog just for kicks.  Well, here you have it!  The busy wedding season has come to a close for us and we have finally had a chance to catch up on life a little bit!  We had a blast this year with all of our Colorado and Montana couples.  We truly can’t thank you enough!  We do have a few weddings sprinkled throughout the winter, so keep an eye out for those.  In other news, Roy and I are heading to Southeast Asia in November for vacation… and we will have our cameras with us (obvi).  I hope to post a few photos during our trip.  We can’t wait!  And thirdly (just to catch you up on the latest),  we will be opening up a studio in Whitefish, Montana next month!  We are heading there to ski for the winter and we are so excited!  I put a link (above) on here so you can check it out- it may just be the most beautiful place on earth… and it turns into a winter wonderland all winter long.  Time to get cozy!

We have been loving fall here in Colorado.  It doesn’t get much prettier than seeing the aspens change during this season.

I took this the other day up on Kenosha Pass.  My friend Kerinsa and I went to look for some changing aspens… and I’d say we hit the jack pot!